Wine house Gurjaani is located in Gurjaani – Kakheti region. The region is famous for its ancient winegrowing traditions and hospitality. The guest of wine house has an opportunity to participate in grape harvest, pressing and in the process of winemaking. He can also taste several kinds of wine produced by family methods as well as by factory methods. There is 2 centuries old press (equipment used for wine squeezing), which is until now used for the purpose of making wine and which presents the pride of our cellar. Here you can also see old earthen crocks (“kvevri”), where different types of wine are store. Guests can bottle wine which they take out of “kvevri” with their own hands and purchase it in a sealed condition.

Professional (certified) sommelier lead the wine tasting for you. Our guest will have an opportunity to attend the brewing of Georgian Vodka (“Zavodoba”), which is very interesting process; we will also see how traditional Georgian bread is baked and how Churchkhela is made. Brief lecture will be provided about masterpieces of Georgian cuisine, such as Khachapuri, Khinkali, Mtsvadi and many other Georgian dishes. You will have an opportunity to participate in this process and master old Georgian culinary technologies and finally taste the dishes made by your own hands. All this will be provided in a pleasant ethnographic environment decorated with old Georgian exhibits and other interesting things. Here is functioning the gift shop of interesting handicrafts. Georgian folk group and tamada (toast-master) will make your banquet unforgettable.

In the wine house is provided all necessary conditions and comfort for the guests. About 10 to 15 persons can overnight simultaneously.Tourist will get an impression of how wine is made in private house. They will attend the process of the confection of the traditional Georgian dessert “Churchkhela”. They will taste the homemade wine kept in a “Kvevri”(amphora) built into the ground. They will have a wonderful opportunity to bottle Georgian wine themselves in the old wine cellar and then buy it. In the room of fire-place they can see the exhibition of old things, as well as tasting different Kakhetian wines. Lunch or dinner with folk group is possible. Also 4 comfortable rooms are available for overnight.